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Port of Antwerp

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The port of Antwerp is the largest seaport in Belgium and the second largest port in Europe after Rotterdam. In 2014 the port of Antwerp had a throughput of over 199 million tons. For breakbulk Antwerp is one of the largest ports in Europe, for transshipment of bulk materials is they are less important.

The port is connected to the North Sea via the Westerschelde. The port of Antwerp plays an important role in international trade. It is located deep in the interior thereby remarkably reduce travel distances for rail or road transport. This works to the advantage of the container, which makes extensive use of these transportation options. The container is from the 50s increased significantly, driven by the then Walloon economy. Unit loads are simply easier to transport and easier to handle. Not only the traditional products such as textiles and electronics, are transported in containers but also fruits, luxury cars and other new products appear on the container market.