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Port Agencies

Dynamic Port Agencies Ship to Ship Operations icon

Dynamic Port Agencies as your port agent

Dynamic Port Agencies is representing a multitude of principals as:

  • Port agent;
  • Protecting agent;
  • Husbandry agent;
  • Charterers agent;
  • Transit Vessel agent;
  • Shipping agent

Husbandry Port Agencies

We are dedicated to protect the interest of our Principal and are acting time and cost saving.
As protecting and husbandry agent, we are supervising the appointed charterer’s agent.

Dynamic Port Agencies offers a multitude of warehousing services

We offer:

  • Storage of spare-parts with on-line stock control.
  • Worldwide ship spares distribution.
  • Custom clearance.
  • Airfreight and ocean freight.
  • European truck deliveries.
  • On board deliveries.
  • And more


  • Visa arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Off-shore crew changes.

Charterer’s Agencies

As charterers agent we will take care of achieving a quick turnaround and minimizing the expenses. Dynamic Port Agencies acts pro-active and at all times reporting of vessel’s port status and cargo operation. Our professional staff strives for excellence when performing agency services for all possible types of vessels including those serving the offshore industry.