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Here are some fascinating facts about cargo ships

Here are some fascinating facts about cargo ships:

  1. The MSC Gülsün is the world’s largest cargo ship, measuring 400 meters long and 61 meters wide. It has a capacity of over 23,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), making it one of the largest container ships globally.
  2. Cargo ships transport over 90% of the world’s goods, including food, clothing, electronics, and other essential products.
  3. Some cargo ships can carry up to 400,000 tons of cargo, equivalent to the weight of 60,000 elephants.
  4. Cargo ships can travel up to 25 knots (around 29 miles per hour) on open waters, which is faster than most people realize.
  5. The cargo ship industry has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint, with new ships built with advanced fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies.
  6. Cargo ships often travel along established trade routes that have been in use for centuries, such as the Silk Road and the Spice Route.
  7. The average lifespan of a cargo ship is around 25 years, although proper maintenance can extend it up to 40 years.
  8. Due to pirate attacks, cargo ships can be vulnerable, mainly in the Gulf of Aden and the coast of Somalia. Many cargo ships now have armed security personnel on board to protect themselves.
  9. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions in global supply chains and led to a decrease in demand for cargo shipping. This resulted in significant financial losses for many cargo ship companies.
  10. The Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, plays a crucial role in international trade, allowing cargo ships to avoid the much longer journey around the southern tip of South America.